How to register?

Go to the registration page, enter Name, Email and Password. You will receive an email to activate your profile. Once activated you can login.

How to log in?

Click on Login at the top, enter your email address and password. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the home page with all the features of your active profile.

How can I deposit?

Once logged in, click on Budget in the top menu. You will find the list of supported coins and next to the deposited link. Each coin has its address generated for your account, and you can send coins to that address. After confirmation, the coins will be credited to your budget.

How to withdraw?

Click on the balance at the top, then pick up next to the coin you want to withdraw. Complete the form and send the request. withdrawals of most coins are done automatically every 5 minutes.

What security is there for my account?

On the profile page, you can enable 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. Follow the instructions to secure your profile.

Why do withdrawals take time?

For now, all withdrawals are handled manually by the staff during working hours. We are finishing and verifying the security of the site and to guarantee the security of the accounts, and the funds of our users, we manage the deposits manually. In most cases withdrawals are handled within 4 hours during business hours, but never 24 hours of waiting. When the system is tested and safe withdrawals will be automatic for the coins that support it on our system.

TRON Tokens Deposit system, how it work?

TRON blockchain tokens are semi-automatically supported by our system. The instructions are on the deposit page of the currency you wish to deposit, for example the TRONGOLD or ACTIV. Once on the deposit page (eg ACTIV), ACTIV is sent to the address shown. Using TronScan you search for the transaction #Hash, and paste it in the form just below the address. By clicking on send, the system detects the transaction and details, (currency, amount, confirmations) if the transaction exists and is confirmed the coins are credited immediately in the user profile. Without this procedure the coins will never arrive in your profile.

Things to know to avoid mistakes that could make you lose your coins. 1: Deposit

1: Use the deposit address on the page of the currency you wish to deposit. If you want to deposit TRX go to the TRX deposit page, if you want to deposit ACTIV, go to the ACTIV deposit page, if you want to deposit Bitcoin go to the Bitcoin deposit page, and so on for all supported coins. Follow the instructions on the screen if there are any, if you do not find special instructions means that the deposit is managed automatically by the system, and you just have to wait for it to be credited (between 5 and 30 minutes)

Things to know to avoid mistakes that could make you lose your coins. 2: BUY/SELL Orders

Orders, to avoid problems and losses of coins, it is mandatory to enter the amount and quantity that you want to buy or sell. The system does not detect and manage higher amounts on active orders and risks losing coins. Always check the amount and quantity that is right and in the first order on the list and if necessary make more orders when one is completed. The system takes a few seconds to manage and complete orders on open and available orders.

Things to know to avoid mistakes that could make you lose your coins. 3: Common

In all cases, wait for the system to load the submitted page or request and manage it before making any other requests. We have enhanced our webserver to handle requests and orders in no time (1-3 seconds), doing other operations while the system manages one is possible risk of losing coins or transactions.

TRC20 Token Deposits and Withdrawal?

TRC20 tokens can be: Deposited using the same procedure as TRX and TRC10 already supported for a long time. While for withdrawal, requests will be handled manually by the staff until we have a secure system to make them automatic.